I’m not famous… And that’s ok. Honestly, that’s not the point of this whole thing.

The whole idea behind the YouTube channel was born when I found myself jobless, depressed, and bored. You can only spend so much time per day scouring job boards and applying to every single listing you could potentially fill even if you think it would be a job that you ended up hating in the long run.


I had a ton of extra time on my hands, so I figured, “What better way to positively utilize this newfound freedom by filling it with new experiences?” To all of those who responded to my job applications with “Sorry, you’re just overqualified for the position,” I say, “BOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Not only that, but I totally flip them deuces and one-up them by learning a whole bunch of awesome stuff. And there we have it. I am going to film myself experiencing and learning new things all while searching for a career as opposed to a paycheck.

I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s not the end of the world. I am not going to die, and this is just a bump in a really awesome road that’s going to take me somewhere freaking brilliant.

Pop on over to the YouTube Channel to subscribe, watch videos, and communicate with yours truly. Or do it here. Or not at all. That’s entirely up to you.

Ok! That’s all!


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