JT Awkward

Hey there, remember when I said back in October that I’d be posting twice a week through the end of January?

Didn’t happen.

First things first, sawwwrryyy. I told you I’d do something, and I didn’t deliver on my word. I’m a jerk, and I have no excuse other than laziness. I could make up some life-altering experience that changed all of the everything, but the truth of the matter is… I got complacent. I had a job, I wasn’t as stressed about money, I didn’t have all of the extra time that I had, and, as such, didn’t have the drive to keep posting and making videos. Apologies.

That being said, I HAVE ALL THE PLANS!!!

I’ll be releasing a new video next week explaining the plans I have for the OVERQUALIFIED channel, and I think you’re going to like it. There should be lots of laughs and general frivolity that I believe you’ll all enjoy, and I know for sure that I’ll have a great time putting everything together.

Stay tuned, and get excited!


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